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How To Setup WP Safelink With AdlinkFly Monetized URL Shortener

Hello everyone! Glad to see you here! Today I am going to show you how to setup WP Safelink with Adlinkfly. I noticed that many of you are trying to integrate WP Safelink with Adlinkfly but you mess up the process. But I promise, at the end of this content you will not make a single mistake and will benefit greatly from this tutorial!

For those looking for only WP Safelink and Adlinkfly Product links, further, you will need a hosting provider who offers Unlimited Sub Domains.

In this tutorial, I will cover the WP Safelink server, WP Safelink client, and Adlinkfly Monetized URL Shortener installation. Even if you are not technical, this guide will make it easier for you to setup WP Safelink with Adlinkfly.

Before getting started, here is a brief introduction to this content.

If you finding the WP Safelink plugin or you can’t set up your wp Safelink plugin with your Adlinkfly website then you Are in the Right place.

Product and Services You Will Need

At the very beginning of this guide, you must have some important products and services listed below to setup WP Safelink with Adlinkfly.

  1. Good Webhosting and Domain Service Provider
  2. WP Safelink Plugin
  3. Adlinkfly PHP Script

You will definitely need the things mentioned above to integrate Adlinkfly with WP Safelink.

Good Webhosting and Domain

You will need a good Webhosting and domain provider to host 3 websites. That three websites will create a loop redirect to trick the visitor. Therefore you need a Webhosting provider who offers multiple subdomains for free. Further, a domain will be needed to create multiple subdomains as well. And of course, you have to own that domain.

Moreover, you have to ensure that all domains have SSL (HTTPS) certificates. That is why you have to choose a good Webhosting provider who offers free SSL certificates.

I recommend you use a subdomain for this tutorial. Because subdomains can provide good structure to your site if you have a lot of different, but important content to share. As we are redirecting a visitor to a redirect loop, 2 different subdomains from the same domain will create a good impression.

For example,,, and Meanwhile, visitors will be satisfied that he/she is on the right path. Otherwise, you can use different domains for this purpose as well.

In addition, you can get premium hosting from BlueHost and Hostinger as well. They provide good hosting and domain service at affordable prices. Similarly, you can use free Webhosting as well. In this regard, you can use Hostinger.

As we are going to setup WP Safelink with Adlinkfly, certainly you will need this plugin. Most importantly, this plugin will do the magic that you are aiming for. Because WP Safelink Plugin will do the rest of the whole process.

Further, I have already reviewed this plugin. You can know more about WP Safelink Plugin there.

WP Safelink Review: Maximize Your Google Adsense Revenue In WordPress

AdlinkFly PHP Script

Adlinkfly is another important part of this tutorial. You have to install the Adlinkfly PHP script to one of your subdomains or another domain. After that, you have to connect the Adlinkfly website with your WP Safelink Server Version website.

By doing this, you will be able to create monetized URLs through it. Firstly, you have to create a short link from the Adlinkfly website. This link will redirect to the WP Safelink Server Version Website. Secondly, it will again redirect the visitor to the Adlinkfly domain. This is how Adlinkfly and WP Safelink works.

Adlinkfly will help you to earn money by starting your own monetized link-shortening service. Publishers may create short links with AdLinkFly, and advertisers can create campaigns, referrals, withdrawals, APIs that are translation-ready, PayPal, Stripe, Payza, Skrill, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Paystack, PAYEER, Money Wallet & Bank Transfer connection, reCAPTCHA integration, and much more.

You can purchase AdlinkFly PHP Script through this link from Codecanyon.

In this stage, you will need a domain name that you own. After that, you have to create 2 subdomains. I have already discussed why you need a subdomain. In order to create subdomains, please proceed with how to create a subdomain from Cpanel. You may be thinking about why you need 3 websites. Well, look at the below-mentioned picture.

Adlinkfly WP Safelink Redirect Loop Demo
Adlinkfly WP Safelink Redirect Loop Demo

My primary domain is So I have created 2 subdomains for my domain. For Instance,, Further for better security, you must ensure SSL (HTTPS) for subdomains. In addition, you should get free SSL certificates from a good Webhosting provider. You can read this section: Why you need a good Webhosting and Domain service provider for WP Safelink with Adlinkfly integration.

  1. WP Safelink Server Version – DuniarTips.Com
  2. AdlinkFly Monetized URL Shortener –
  3. WP Safelink Client Version –

Before you get started to integrate the WP Safelink with Adlinkfly you will need the below-mentioned three websites.

Note: Suppose, is your primary domain. Now you have to create 2 subdomains. For example,,

I hope you have a primary website likewise It is a WordPress website. Your website domain should be like

This website will be your main website where WP Safelink (Server Version) plugin needs to be installed. My primary website is Here I publish content it is Google Adsense-approved. I have already covered and reviewed WP Safelink and its installation processes. So go to the below-mentioned content and install the WP Safelink WordPress plugin.

WP Safelink Review: Maximize Your Google Adsense Revenue In WordPress
  • Further, you have to set WP Safelink Permalink to
WP Safelink Permalink
WP Safelink Permalink
  • And, you have to choose template 2 and place header+footer code.
WP Safelink Templates
WP Safelink Templates

That is all here.

AdlinkFly Monetized URL Shortener – Secondary Website

On your subdomain at, you have to install AdlinkFly Monetized URL Shortener PHP Script. I also have covered the topic of how to install AdlinkFly PHP Script. You can install it by going to the mentioned link.

  • Login to Adlinkfly Website –
  • Click on Administration Area
AdlinkFly Member Area
AdlinkFly Member Area
  • Navigate to Settings > Settings
    • Main Domain:
    • Default S.U.D:
    • Multi Domains: Here you can create multiple redirect loops. For simplicity, I am keeping it the default domain. If you want to create multiple redirect loops, comment on this post about your interest.
    • Don’t forget to click on the Save button.
AdlinkFly Settings Administration Area
AdlinkFly Settings Administration Area

You will get this plugin free with WP Safelink Server Version. You need to install a wordpress website on After that, you have to install the WP Safelink Client Version WordPress plugin.

  • Go to your primary website which is where the WP Safelink Server Version is installed.
  • Navigate to WP Safelink > General Settings > WP Safelink Client Integrator > Copy the code.
  • Open your relay website which is where the WP Safelink Client Version is installed.
WP Safelink Client Setup
WP Safelink Client Setup
  • Permalink: You have to ensure that http/https is included as your SSL condition.
  • Paste the copied code into the WP Safelink Client version to integrate your relay website.
  • Finally, click on the Save button.

In conclusion

In this tutorial, we present how to setup WP Safelink Adlinkfly. If I want to sum up the whole process, firstly, you will need good Webhosting, WP Safelink Plugin, and Adlinkfly PHP script. Secondly, you have to create 2 subdomains. Further, you have to install wordpress and PHP script on these 3 websites. Moreover, you have to create a relationship between the primary website and the Adlinkfly website using the relay website. That’s all.

Over to you:

Now, it’s your turn to let me know how are you going to integrate WP Safelink with Adlinkfly. Have you seen any significant mistakes when setting up WP Safelink with Adlinkfly?

Let me know in the comment section below. And here are a few hand-picked guides for you to read next:

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