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How To Install And Use Cloudflare Warp On Linux [2024]

Are you looking to install Cloudflare warp on Linux? No problem, you are welcome to DuniarTips. Install Cloudflare WARP Linux like a pro with a little help from Duniartips. You have two ways of installing WARP on Linux, depending on the distro you are using: Package repository, and APT/YUM repository.

While Linux offers you more security than some other operating systems, you should always try for some more. A VPN solves this need for more by giving you extra security and a superior online experience.

Cloudflare WARP Client is the free VPN that makes your Internet more private. The foundation of WARP is the idea that even those who are unaware of what a “VPN” is should be able to readily access the security that a VPN provides. It was created for those of us who, despite our best efforts, are all too familiar with conventional corporate VPNs and require a creative, seamless solution to handle the demands of a constantly connected world.

One of the few services that provide an app for Linux-based OSes is Cloudflare Warp. Warp could be used, for instance, to deploy a VPN on a Linux machine. We’ll explain how to install Cloudflare Warp VPN on Linux.

What is Cloudflare Warp Linux?

Warp is more likely a VPN that is built on the same network that has made the fastest DNS resolver on Earth. Cloudflare WARP replaces the connection between your device and the Internet with a modern, optimized, protocol. It prevents anyone from snooping on you by encrypting more of the traffic leaving your device.

What does Cloudflare Warp Linux do?

Cloudflare WARP is a straightforward secure DNS changer that works smoothly and without any glitches.

In order to prevent anyone in between from spying on your activities, the Cloudflare WARP application uses BoringTun to encrypt all of the traffic from your device and send it directly to Cloudflare’s edge. If Cloudflare already has a client relationship with the website you are viewing, the material is promptly transferred to your device. In order to find the quickest route via our extensive network of data centres to the person you are speaking with, WARP+ makes use of Argo Smart Routing.

It encrypts all user traffic regardless of users’ location. All traffic from their device is encrypted with WARP and sent privately to the nearest WARP endpoint. This keeps users and organizations protected from whoever may be snooping. If you still used a traditional VPN on top of Access to encrypt user traffic, that is no longer needed.

Is Cloudflare warp a VPN?

In the conventional sense, WARP is not a VPN. As we’ve seen above, VPNs allow you to access information from around the world while maintaining your online privacy. While WARP is more concerned with speed. Although it lacks the sophisticated protection provided by a VPN, it is still secure to use.

Is Cloudflare Warp VPN Linux free?

Yes, It’s free. In addition to the full WARP service, WARP+ subscribers get access to a larger network. More cities to connect to means you’re likely to be closer to a Cloudflare data centre – which can reduce the latency between your device and Cloudflare and improve your browsing speed.

WARP is free to use with Cloudflare’s app. WARP+ Unlimited is a premium plan that gives you unlimited data and premium features (price may vary per region).

How To Install Cloudflare Warp VPN Linux

We’ll show you a few methods for how to install, update, and uninstall warp VPN for Linux from your system in this section. There are two ways we can install Cloudflare Warp VPN for Linux. All of them accomplish the same thing, but you should pick the cloudflare-warp the package that suits your distro:

Step-1: Install Cloudflare-Warp repository’s GPG key

apt-based OS (like Ubuntu/Debian/Kali Linux):

  • Install the repository’s GPG key:
curl | sudo gpg --yes --dearmor --output /usr/share/keyrings/cloudflare-warp-archive-keyring.gpg
  • Then add the repository to your machine’s apt sources:
echo "deb [arch=amd64 signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/cloudflare-warp-archive-keyring.gpg] $(lsb_release -cs) main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cloudflare-client.list

yum-based OS (like CentOS or RHEL):

Fortunately, you don’t need to add the GPG key. You can directly install Cloudflare-warp with YUM! So go for step 2.

Step 2: Install the cloudflare-warp package that suits your distro

Cloudflare Warp Ubuntu/Debian

  • Update The apt cache
sudo apt update
  • Install Cloudflare-warp
sudo apt install cloudflare-warp

Cloudflare Warp Centos/RHEL

  • Using your command line, install Warp Cloudflare Linux
sudo yum install cloudflare-warp

Cloudflare Warp Arch Linux

yay -Syu cloudflare-warp-bin

How To Use Cloudflare Warp Linux?

Unfortunately, Cloudflare doesn’t offer a graphical interface for warp VPN for Linux. The command line interface is the primary way to use WARP.

  • To connect for the very first time you must call register first:
warp-cli register
  • Type Y to proceed next
warp-cli register

Cloudflare only collects limited DNS query and traffic data (excluding payload)
that is sent to our network when you have the app enabled on your device. We
will not sell, rent, share, or otherwise disclose your personal information to
anyone, except as otherwise described in this Policy, without first providing
you with notice and the opportunity to consent. All information is handled in
accordance with our Privacy Policy.

More information is available at:

Accept Terms of Service and Privacy Policy? [y/N] y
  • Switch mode to warp+DoH
warp-cli set-mode warp+doh
  • Now connect to WARP
warp-cli connect

In order to access the full version of Cloudflare warp ubuntu, do the command: warp-cli

If you followed the steps above correctly, then you have successfully installed and connected to Cloudflare Warp VPN Linux.

How do I remove Cloudflare warp from Linux?

You can remove Cloudflare warp VPN Linux using the below command:

sudo apt --purge remove cloudflare-warp

 Is Cloudflare Warp Linux worth it?

In my opinion, Cloudflare Warp has a strong entry into the personal VPN market and looking forward to seeing more. Compared to other VPNs I’ve used, it is relatively good compatibility-wise with other apps, not too bad on battery drain, and has a very good hassle-free no account-needed setup and UI.

Cloudflare WARP is extremely fast and reliable wherever you live and wherever you go.

FAQs About Cloudflare Warp For Ubuntu/Debian/Centos/Arch/RHEL

Final Thoughts

I’ve been using Cloudflare warp Ubuntu for a couple of years now on all my Android devices and Linux PCs as well. It’s not only free, but also it works and it’s dependable. It’s never crashed nor caused issues for me and the free version is far better than all the paid versions from the many other developers I’ve tried. I recommend this to everyone because it’s a reliable VPN that’s free and doesn’t advertise or have pop-ups.

Any other questions about how to install Cloudflare Warp Linux? Leave a comment and let me solve your problem!

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